I’m an engineer, a systems thinker, a community builder, a railway integration and construction professional, and a volunteer passionate about impacting the world positively.

Lets Start Amplifying Impact. Let’s Start Succeeding Together.

This site exists because I have a collection of references for D&I topics that I want to share in a useful way. If you have references that you think would help the community of professionals and volunteers succeed in D&I, feel free to contact me and I will put them up as I have time.

Ground Rules

  1. Be kind, helpful, and respectful.
  2. Use the resources provided as-is.
  3. Recommendations, ideas, thoughts and frameworks referenced here must be assessed against your individual needs, tailored, adapted, pruned, grown, and adjusted as needed to fit your reality.
  4. No liability is accepted by your use of resources shared here. Your choice to apply any information from here is your own, and is fully informed.
  5. Contact the authors before using their content for permission. At the very least, even if they tell you it is not required, unless they specifically ask you not to, please give credit to the authors of resources you use.

Wait, Who are You?

I’m Christine from Toronto, Canada. I’m always happy to chat about strategy, building inclusive companies, making processes easier, ethical tech, systems thinking, or whatever else falls under no-evil! And I build railways, managing the engineering design. Happy to connect on LinkedIn! Send me an invite, let me know your favourite topic, and let’s grab a zoom “coffee” to see how we can help each other.

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